An alumni association or alumni association is an association of graduates or more broadly, of former students. These associations often organize social events, publish newsletter or magazines.

The college has a very rich and distinguished Alumni Association. The Alumni Association of our college ‘Sunrise Alumni Association’ was establish in 2020. The college keep continue its interaction with pass out students through regular meeting (online as well as offline).

Vision of Alumni

  1. To engage the SAMS (COE) Sunriser Alumni to support and advance the college’s excellence.
  2. To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students.


Sunriser Alumni Association fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni, students and friends to sunrise college and each other. Alumni Associations aim to bring together like minded individuals. It helps the members to access networks of their peers to generate career, monitoring and opportunities.

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and present students of SAMS and between Alumni themselves.
  • To guide the students communities.
  • To exchange professional knowledge and assist in holding seminar, conferences, workshops and many other philanthropic activities.
  • To promote all academic and infrastructural development.
  • To offer services that college needs.
  • To counsel about students’ careers.
  • To offer necessary suggestions and recommendations to college authority, if needed.
  • To maintain books of Accounts/bills/vouchers/receipt and get the Annual Audit done.

Member of Sunrise Alumni Association

1.Dr. Poonam Sharma President Principal
2.Dr. Shivani Chaudhary Convener Assistant Professor
3.Mrs. Mamta Sharma Treasurer Assistant Professor
4.Dr. Shikha Sharma Member Assistant Professor
5.Ms. Megha Mamgain Member Assistant Professor
6.Ms. Mehar Walia Member Assistant Professor
7.Ms. Santoshi Member Assistant Professor

Role and Responsibilities

  • To highlight the success of alumni to improve the credibility and reputation of college.
  • To provide mentoring to on-going students facilitating internship and career opportunities, job placements for outgoing students.
  • To draft the minutes of all meetings to be correctly recorded, confirmed and kept.
  • To prepare budgets for the programs and activities.
  • To organize and develops programs for the benefit of alumni.
  • To strengthen the bonds between the Alumni, faculty and students by providing opportunities to share knowledge and experience, facilitating the exchange of quality ideas and perspective.